Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pet shipping procedures to follow

Many things must be taken into consideration when moving a pet by air. Common mistakes and misconceptions include, wrong size crates, feeding a pet before travel, sedation, and to many items placed inside the carrier, to name a few. The first is crate size, very important for the safety and well being of your pet, a crate which is to big, or to small can create an unsafe environment for your pet and it is also the first thing the airlines look at when you arrive at the airport. When traveling, with the exception of water, which should be provided at all times, it is not necessary for your pet to have a full stomach, so feeding right before the trip is just not a good choice, for the few hours of travel your pet will be fine, it is actually recommended not to feed before the trip, to avoid any sickness, or soiling of the crate during travel. Sedation is not recommended, or preferred by the airlines, it is just risky and not suggested, to many potential problems (more listed in prior postings below). Toys, shirts, socks and things like that, that your pet can potentially eat and or choke on should not be put with them for travel. I also would note the fact that the airlines will take away anything that they see as a potential hazard, so to avoid the risk of losing any items it is better to just take them with you, or mail them ahead. Hopefully these tips are helpful, they are provided to assure a safe and happy arrival for your pet at your destination, as always check with a professional pet shipper to avoid any mistakes, and remember safety first when it comes to the relocation of your precious pet.

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