Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pet Shipping and Pet adoption Internationally

For the last few years I have warned of a popular Internet scam, pay shipping and get a pup for free. First off it is a wonder to me why anyone would go out of the United States to adopt a pet, it really is ridiculous, when you consider the amount of pets available for adoption here with in the U.S. I have written blogs, done radio interviews and warned many people who contact us about this fallacy, yet every day I still get the same email, and phone calls about adopting pets from Cameroon, Africa and a few other remote places. Let me set the record straight for all who read this post. There is no way to ship a pet for under one thousand dollars from another country to the U.S. and it will almost always cost even more than that, people who claim to be missionaries and good Christians that suddenly have to get rid of a pure bred expensive puppy, do not exist, they are crooks. You should never send a money order to anyone who you have not met in person, or are able to confirm the legitimacy of the claims they make! These crooks go to any length to dupe you, they use real legitimate companies information to trick you, always go directly to the source that they claim will be handling the delivery of a pet to you, never just take someone at their word. Feel free to contact us at our pet shipping company web site, or by phone, if you ever are unsure about anything involving the transportation of a pet, you will be glad that you did! I have seen people loose thousands of dollars from this scam, please always make sure to think, and do your homework before sending anyone any type of check or money period. Once you lose this money it is gone, these people are not Americans, or in America, and not much can be done to get your money back. The best defence against these crooks is to simply stay away from this scam, please use common sense, when pet searching.


jewel said...

Thanks Animals Away,
I am soooo happy that I contacted Animals Away. They were so kind and truthful in letting me know about the scam that my niece had almost gotten taken by. My niece was shopping on the internet for a Yorkie pup and saw an ad for one from a local Lexington, Ky location and when she emailed the lady she received a reply that I will copy and paste on to this comment. They told her to wire them cash from Western Union to Nigeria and that they would immediately ship the pup for $190.
I emailed the lady and got the exact same reply. The scammers used the names : Steve and Sharon Margaret and this email and after my niece ask they gave her this phone number +234-806-335-8214 The scammers email they sent was as follows: Hello Dear,
Thanks for you email and your interest in my lovely baby, She is still available for her new home, and Christian Family, who will be able to take good care of her, and treat her like their own family. She is the love of my life and i will not let anything to hurt her.
Her name is Susy, she is Current on all shots,Veterinarian examine and worming, Health exam before leaving the State, Home-raised with children & well socialized, full AKC registered puppy. She is potty trained,safe with kids, love to play with other pet around her and she adapt fast to any environment she find her self in. She is 11 weeks and 9 days old, now she is a pure breed and she will weigh 3-4lbs at full grown. Susy is Loved by us and Ready to be Loves by you. We are Currently in West Africa on a Missionary Assignment, Me and my husband, got posted and transfered here by Our Church, so we have to carry the little baby along with us.
We will appreciate it, if you can have her because i want to feel comfortable and happy to the end to her life. The delivery company will delivered her the same day of payment to your location via Express Pet Delivery Airline, with a special agent who is going to take good care or her while on the air to your location, the total delivery fee cost is $190 including handling's. If you are interested in having her, The following details will be needed by the delivery company to get Susy register with your name and the airline, for her delivery to your location.
Receiver Full Name:-
Postal Code:-
Phone Number:-
And Nearest Airport to you:-
The above details will be needed for Susy delivery to your location, please if you are interested and willing to give this little baby a great home, please do email me back with your details, for the delivery of Susy to your location immediately.
Thanks and God Bless
I am sorry for such a lengthy comment but I want others to be forwarned and saved from going through what my niece went through.
Good Luck and remember if you can not touch it in advance do not buy it and if it sounds too good to be true it most surely is not real.
T. Gill :-}

Sharon said...

I will like to let you all known that i was once scam of $810 with western union charge. And i saw online local ads on the internet and i contacted her emal She response and i send her the money becuase she was a true born again christain. In the nest 3 day i go the puppy named Taina at GT airport i was very happy!!!!!!
Please this email is not a scam

Jack said...

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Victor said...

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