Friday, December 27, 2013 In New Series We Move Animals on Nat Geo Wild

After almost two years in the making the premier episodes of the new Nat Geo series " We move Animals " will be debuting on Jan, 18 2014 at 10pm est. The series will follow the world leading pet shipping and animal relocation company Animals Away, as they move animals for clients by air, land and sea. The company is made up of, Susan Denicker the mom, Anthony Denicker (36) the son, and Alyssa Denicker (30) the daughter. Together they move different kinds of animals all over the globe for their clients. The show provides a inside look into the business of moving pets. Witness them moving Dogs, Reptiles, Alpacas, Pigs, and other interesting animals. The Denickers work together to cater to there demanding clients every wish. The family dynamics, interesting animals and challenging moves make the show a real entertaining, and interesting watch for the entire family. There are plenty of laughs along the way. You will see custom built crates for the worlds most famous bald eagle, and a Dog as large as a pony! You can follow all of the news leading up to the show. We Move Animals, is produced by Nancy Glass Productions.

Saturday, July 20, 2013 Currently Filming Episodes for Nat Geo Wild

We are currently filming our third episode of our brand new reality series, all about the worlds top pet shipping service We are extremely excited to show the world how the leader in Pet shipping and animal transport operates on a daily basis. Funny, interesting and full of surprises are just a few of the words we use to describe what you will see in our brand new reality show debuting in October. Nat Geo Wild first approached us in late 2011 about the idea of this show, and now we are in full production anxious and excited to show the world what separates us from the rest. We will show all of the effort and love that goes into our company. So keep an eye out for the debut of this exciting new show on Nat Geo wild. This show is produced by Nancy Glass Productions (Tanked & Dangerous Grounds), from Executive producer Marcie Mule (Nancy Griffith Life on the D list, Housewives of Atlanta) directed by Jason Romeo (Pickers & Hardcore Pawn) and it is absolutely sure to be a hit following Animals Away as they move animals across the globe. Stay tuned here to our blog and Nat Geo Wild for the debut date.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 Looking for Rare and Interesting Animals to Relocate. You and Your Pet Could Be On Television and the Move could be FREE !

We are currently filming our brand new reality series which will begin airing in the fall. We have already moved some really interesting and different animals, and we are looking for more. If you have multiple animals or a difficult or interesting pet you need relocated, let us know about it. You could be on TV and have your pet moved for free. If you have an interesting scenario surrounding your reason to move, we want to hear about it. Maybe you have a farm, or an off the wall type of pet, that most people would not have as a pet ? If you are moving your pet or pets we can certainly assist you and it would be a once in a lifetime chance, something you would have forever. You and your pet on Nat Geo Wild. We are truly excited and really anxious to hear some great potential moves. We currently have a ton of things in the works, we are targeting July and August moves at this time. So, if you want to be on TV with your rare or different pet, plus have the move handled for FREE contact and tell us all about the situation. Hey maybe you and your pet could be on TV, and have your pet moved by our first class pet shipping services .... Until next time.....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pet Shipping Company Launches a Brand New Site and thats just the Beginning !!

Introduced in 2003, quickly grew into the webs premier pet shipping site and service. Over the past ten years we have continued to keep our site content current and updated. We feel that the time had come to redesign the site for a more modern look, and also make it easier for all who visit to navigate and utilize. Every single page on the site has been redone. We know that although a site should look fresh and pleasing to the eye, the bottom line is that content is king. Probably the two biggest reasons grew into the #1 pet transport site and service in the United States, are... 1 our customer service and experience in the field which is unmatched in the industry and 2 our site content was the best there is. We have never strayed from these two golden rules. As the internet grew so did our company, and we are extremely excited now to have a site that matches our status, we knew a change was needed and we made it. In addition to our new site we are finally able to announce after almost three years of work....Back in 2010 we were approached by Nancy Glass Productions about their interest in our company for a weekly television series on NatGeo Wild, and we are now currently under contract and filming a reality TV series for the National Geographic owned Network. Nancy Glass Productions produces shows like the huge hit Tanked, as well as the Coffee show Dangerous Grounds. We feel that this justifies our claims and solidifies as the #1 Pet Shipping service in the USA, and perhaps the world. There are hundreds of companies who offer Pet transport services, in the United States, and hundreds more around the world. But we were chosen and we could not be happier and excited about our new series. We have already filmed a few moves for the show, and are really excited about what we have coming up. So far we have moved a Tiger, Arctic Fox, Tree Lima, as well as 15 puppies, with parents, an African Porcupine and many other rare and interesting animals. Stay tuned to the pet shipping and pet transport blog for clips, and updates on the airing of this one hour weekly production on NatGeo Wild. As we have more details and news to share, we will right here on our blog. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pet Transport Accompanied VIP Pet Transportation Services AND BIG NEWS COMING SOON

In addition to our standard Pet Transport services, we now offer accompanied Pet travel worldwide. One of our Pet Relocation Professional handlers will travel along with your Pet, all the way through to completion, the delivery to your door. We can also provide everything from Vet documents, Boarding, Consolate paperwork, and customs services, the service list is endless. This is the perfect option for those who will accept absolutely nothing but the best there is for their Pets relocation. True VIP services that meet every request. During VIP Pet airline travel, many times there are layovers, now we are there to monitor these layovers, and provide layover management services. This addition to our service, comes along with a new page on our site, and updated content across the entire site as a whole. The options are truly limitless with this new option for Pet relocation worldwide. Please visit the new Pet Airline VIP services page on our site for more information on this service. As I have mentioned in the last few posts, we have some huge news coming, which will now cement what everyone already know's about us, we are leaders, and innovative leaders at that. We have confirmation that a deadline has been set for what surely will be the biggest news in the Animal Shipping industry yet. By no later than March 15 2013, we will have a announcement that will change it all. Please check back here with us for an update, we will announce this news here as soon as we can.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Military Moving With Pets ...Get Financed

Over the past eight plus years, we have seen a great increase in Military family movement around the globe. Many of these Military members, are sent half way across the earth, the travel is handled, and paid for by the Government. Many of these relocating Military members have Pets, these Pets, and the cost to relocate them, are not covered by the Government. In many cases, it can cost thousands of dollars to move a Pet, especially Internationally. We also find that most Military personal find out at the last moment, that their Pets are not going to be able to accompany them on their flight. Searching the Internet, and contacting Pet shipping companies, can lead to extreme sticker shock. Now on top of the last minute change in plans, they come to find that it can cost a small fortune to get it done using a service that is required by many carriers for international pet airline travel. We are the only Pet Shipping company in the world that offers a real solution for the costs that military families who are PCSing around the globe, are faced with, when moving with Pets. Military personal are the perfect candidates for our exclusive Pet Shipping Finance Program. All Military personal are U.S citizens, and have a job. This means that with very little money down, you can finance our already industry best pricing for your Pets relocation cost. One simple call, and a credit application over the phone with one of our finance specialist's, is all it takes to get our world leading services for the relocation of your Pet to any, and all destinations worldwide. We love our Military Men and Woman, our goal with the Pet Shipping Finance Program is to make the cost more manageable for them, and get their Pets safely home to them. Until next time....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pet Airline Transport

A common question we get this by air or ground ? And for the most part the answer is the same, we move pets by air. There are times when it is both, but the bulk of the travel, is by air. The truth is that when handled by professionals, and setup properly, airline Dog, Cat and Pet transport is quite simply the safest and fastest way to move a Pet. Yes, your Pet could go on a eight day NY to Los Angeles road trip, with stops all over the country, but why ? There are 6 hour direct flights on airlines with great accommodations available. Travel by air, is way less stressful than being on the road for days, with strangers. Sure, if you are going to put your Pet in the car and take a trip, that is one thing, but putting your Pet on the road for an extended road trip with those who they are unfamiliar with can be a far more traumatic experience than any one day flight. If you have a healthy Pet, and the arrangements are made properly by Pet relocation professionals who know what the best routes, and airlines too use, there is no safer way to move a Pet a long distance. Until next time love those PETS....