Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pet Shipping and Sedation

To sedate or not to sedate that is the question. It is not recommended that you sedate your pet for transportation. Besides the fact that airlines do not like to accept a pet that has been sedated there are also other concerns to consider. If your pet has never ingested such medication there is a chance of an adverse reaction which can be fatal. You should consider the fact that you are not there to tend to your pet if such a reaction was to occur. Your pet may have a problem you are not aware of and this could aggravate such a condition. A good way to ease the stress of a move is to acclimate your pet to its travel carrier before the move. Trips in the car while inside of the shipping crate seem to help to get your pet comfortable while traveling. There are also less harsh all natural over the counter remedies available which can be found all over the Internet as well as PETCO and the like. Always speak with your vet before any decision is made on any medication over the counter or otherwise.

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