Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pet Transport Accompanied VIP Pet Transportation Services AND BIG NEWS COMING SOON

In addition to our standard Pet Transport services, we now offer accompanied Pet travel worldwide. One of our Pet Relocation Professional handlers will travel along with your Pet, all the way through to completion, the delivery to your door. We can also provide everything from Vet documents, Boarding, Consolate paperwork, and customs services, the service list is endless. This is the perfect option for those who will accept absolutely nothing but the best there is for their Pets relocation. True VIP services that meet every request. During VIP Pet airline travel, many times there are layovers, now we are there to monitor these layovers, and provide layover management services. This addition to our service, comes along with a new page on our site, and updated content across the entire site as a whole. The options are truly limitless with this new option for Pet relocation worldwide. Please visit the new Pet Airline VIP services page on our site for more information on this service. As I have mentioned in the last few posts, we have some huge news coming, which will now cement what everyone already know's about us, we are leaders, and innovative leaders at that. We have confirmation that a deadline has been set for what surely will be the biggest news in the Animal Shipping industry yet. By no later than March 15 2013, we will have a announcement that will change it all. Please check back here with us for an update, we will announce this news here as soon as we can.


Amber Johnson said...

I am going to be moving to the east coast for work. Most of my stuff is being taken to my new home in moving trucks, and I will be flying. I have a Labrador and I'm trying to find the best way to get her there. I'm hoping to get her on a flight with me. Hopefully I work it out soon!

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Rehan Rehan said...

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