Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AnimalsAway.com Looking for Rare and Interesting Animals to Relocate. You and Your Pet Could Be On Television and the Move could be FREE !

We are currently filming our brand new reality series which will begin airing in the fall. We have already moved some really interesting and different animals, and we are looking for more. If you have multiple animals or a difficult or interesting pet you need relocated, let us know about it. You could be on TV and have your pet moved for free. If you have an interesting scenario surrounding your reason to move, we want to hear about it. Maybe you have a farm, or an off the wall type of pet, that most people would not have as a pet ? If you are moving your pet or pets we can certainly assist you and it would be a once in a lifetime chance, something you would have forever. You and your pet on Nat Geo Wild. We are truly excited and really anxious to hear some great potential moves. We currently have a ton of things in the works, we are targeting July and August moves at this time. So, if you want to be on TV with your rare or different pet, plus have the move handled for FREE contact AnimalsAway.com and tell us all about the situation. Hey maybe you and your pet could be on TV, and have your pet moved by our first class pet shipping services .... Until next time.....


Pet Express said...

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