Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pet Airline Transport

A common question we get this by air or ground ? And for the most part the answer is the same, we move pets by air. There are times when it is both, but the bulk of the travel, is by air. The truth is that when handled by professionals, and setup properly, airline Dog, Cat and Pet transport is quite simply the safest and fastest way to move a Pet. Yes, your Pet could go on a eight day NY to Los Angeles road trip, with stops all over the country, but why ? There are 6 hour direct flights on airlines with great accommodations available. Travel by air, is way less stressful than being on the road for days, with strangers. Sure, if you are going to put your Pet in the car and take a trip, that is one thing, but putting your Pet on the road for an extended road trip with those who they are unfamiliar with can be a far more traumatic experience than any one day flight. If you have a healthy Pet, and the arrangements are made properly by Pet relocation professionals who know what the best routes, and airlines too use, there is no safer way to move a Pet a long distance. Until next time love those PETS....


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