Saturday, March 15, 2008

International Pet Shipping and Pet Travel policy

If you have been to the airport lately or in the past few years now, you undoubtedly have noticed the increased security measures enforced by the TSA. Of course the trickle down effect of this security is reaching in to all facets of airline travel. This is becoming more a priority in the pet shipping industry as well. Many international carriers now require that you use a third party pet relocation company when moving a pet. Airlines feel that it is easier to deal with companies they know, and who are of known shipper status. By using a "known shipper" the airlines are assured of the identity of the person or persons who are moving these pets. This also lets the airlines know that the government(TSA) also recognizes these companies and knows who they are as well. In these times it is a security measure that is a necessity and it is becoming increasingly the normal practice of most international carriers. I would not be surprised if in the very near future this becomes the normal practice for domestic pet travel as well. This is just one step in a long list of precautionary measures that must be taken to secure the air for all passengers. Some may look at this as an added expense, but in these times who can put a price on safety.

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