Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pet shipping and International adoption fraud is growing

It is not bad enough that the pet adoption scam is all over the Internet and nation wide newspapers from coast to coast in the U.S, it is now being expanded with different breeds of dogs and types of pets. So far this month we have experienced a huge increase in calls and emails regarding this subject. Along with this scam, is a fake check scam, in which they send you a check for a large amount to purchase a puppy from you and ask that you only send them a fraction of that money back with the pup, the thing is that by the time your bank alerts you that the check is fake, you have already sent them the balance and a puppy. We see that rare parrot eggs, parrots, and all different breeds of monkeys are now being included as bait in this scam. I am not sure how people are falling for this, I think it may just be a case of hearing what they want to hear. Some of the claims and statements made by these crooks should really be setting off alarms, if the English in the responses from these crooks is not evidence enough, than perhaps the fact that they are having you western union money to remote locations in Africa, for free pets, should be. At (Animals Away pet relocation) we encourage everyone to contact us regarding any type of pet relocation, pet adoption and most importantly, before sending anyone money. It is really sad to hear that hard working pet lovers all over our country are losing money, when they fall for this common Internet scam. Please, contact our pet shipping professional staff, before you send money and are yourself dragged in by your good intentions.

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