Friday, December 28, 2007

Pet shipping

The Internet is full of pet relocation companies that ship pets and offer pet travel services. It is very important for consumers to research and verify experience and reliability when selecting a pet shipping company. Ask all the questions you can come up with and get specific details so you can feel comfortable with them handling your precious pets transport. Research pet transport companies to confirm their service offerings, local and world office locations and clientele/referrals to ensure you are not misled by false claims.For pet travel with in the U.S. a domestic health certificate is required with in ten days of travel. Standard requirements for transporting an animal internationally are an original vaccination record, health certificate stamped by the veterinary authority in the country of origin, airway bill, and a copy of the import permit(for some countries)some countries also have quarantine. All of these documents are required to accompany the animal and your pet transportation provider should be able to assist you with all required documentation.Consumers should be certain and feel comfortable with the fact that their pets are the main focus. When moving or purchasing a pet make sure to use a reputable known pet shipping service that has experience in the industry. You should not trust anyone not willing to have a conversation with you. A quality pet relocation company should assist with all of the details. Always be sure to do your homework when choosing a pet transport service.

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