Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Animals Away on TV WARNING of Pet and Puppy adoption SCAMS.

We have the interview we (Animals Away) did with UPN 9 news in NY (above), all about this SCAM . We also would like to talk about two other new twists in this SCAM, the first is a Newspaper ad that was running in Canada advertising, puppies, and parrots for adoption, both claiming that we (AnimalsAway) would be handling the shipping, both FRAUDS!! Another is an Email claiming a collaboration between AnimalsAway and Camairlines, this is a fake made up airline it is a FRAUD!! We (Animals Away) do not know these crooks!! This is a ploy to rip people off!! Please continue to leave any information here in the comment section to help to WARN others, as always if it sounds to good too be true, it is!!


Rose said...

The crooks have struck again. This week in NSW Australia. Posing via email as man injured and giving away 13 week old bull dog. It has broken my daughters heart for Christmas. This man calls himself Christopher Antice and said the Pet Transport company was having difficulties so send the money to Mr Tabot Kazim Cameroon Buea 00237. I have the emails still if you wish them forwarded for your investigation. Money scams are bad anytime but breaking a kids heart for Christmas that's just cruel.

synder said...

i believe i was almost a victinm of the same scam on kijiji a man by the name of dave nevil was selling giant angora rabbits and told me the colorado animal and pet transport would be sending the bunnies up to me then i recieved an email from the animal and pet transport company not long after his email stating medicals had been done and they were awaiting payment for the bunnies prior to shipment to be mad by western union i emailed them asking for cod and they said no so idecided to see if they had a web page and found this one instead, then i read the last post about the bull dog and checked my email it aslo said to make payment to Cameroon Beau. Neddless to say i will not be sending any money to them and i thank you for your posting it saved me the heartbreak of being scammed, i also have kept my emails and can forward them i will also post a warning on kijiji today for other potential animal buyers

Michele said...

illegal or infringing kijiji Ad: 108899309. Yep same here. This was the second time. One kijiji ad for English Bulldogs and one for Maltese pups. Both asking me to send money to Cameroon Africa: They place the ad in NY or NJ then say they are in Canada or somewhere north in the US, then at the last moment tell you to send money via western union to Cameroon Africa. Major Scam !!!!. the yahoo messanger id name that I chated with was almabenazir. I too have the email if needed for investigation. They said they would ship the Maltese pup via I have notified kijiji.

Anonymous said...

I am from Belarus.
I've found the identical fake ad at one of the belarusian websites dedicated to domestic animals.
Crooks ask for the payment in russian roubles acqivalent to 200 $.
Thank all of you for warning me.
Crook name is Lukas Vranik from Cameroon, phone 00237-9923-4492, e-mail
He talks about maltize that could be carried by Camairlines.
Hia messages where in bad Russian seemed to be interpreted with software.
His method was psychologically based fraud.
One thing that I'm really interested in is how to punish the bastards.

jenny said...

I was just about scammed too. I was looking in to getting a english bulldog. They started out saying that they were from Cameroon. After reading the posts on this site, I asked the person how the puppy will be shipped. They said Camair. The persons name was Frank and Jennifer Awemo. email

One thing you can do is ask the people you are talking with to take a picture of the puppy with an object of your choosing (coke can or a piece of paper with your name on it.) If they don't or make up an excuse, they are a scammer!!

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