Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pet Transport UK Adoption

We are happy to report that the common Internet free pet and puppy adoption SCAM has really calmed down in the U.S. although we still see this SCAM, it has been less of an issue unfortunately the UK has become the new target of these criminals. In the U.S. the preferred payment method for these crooks was Western Union in the UK it is Money Gram, these criminals also like to tell the unsuspecting not to mention where they are sending the funds to and what the funds are for to the clerk in the postal office. The reason why they tell the victim not to mention the fact that they are adopting a pet from but not limited to Cameroon, Nigeria, Africa etc. is because they know that it is a SCAM and will stop the victim from sending the funds. As always we encourage anyone who has been approached by someone claiming to be giving away puppies and pets for just the shipping charges to contact us, or make sure they can verify the identity of the person that is making the claim. We are a USA based pet transport company, we do not have any offices outside of the U.S with our name. If you have responded to an ad, or received an email from someone outside of the United States claiming to be part of our company, they are not and it is a attempt to steal your money. Please always contact us with any questions you may have.


willy said...

i bait puppy scammers on a daily basis and please DO NOT PAY by western union or the moneygram will LOSE your money.

only buy puppies from known breeders and NOT from internet forum postings.

please avoid
they are scammers.

any problems please visit

people are there to advise/help you

Lynn said...

We nearly fell for this i will be reporting this to whoever i can. Not sure who though but they need to be stopped.

kiff said...

my girlfriend fell for this and it cost us £300 so far and there waiting for another £250 which they wont be getting. first of all they where in my city which is in england when she made contact they told us they had just moved to scotland and the landlord wasnt going to let them keep the dog. if we still wanted the dog she would give it away for next to nothing but we would have to pay the shipping fee. so being fools she agreed we sent the money by moneygram and got an email saying the time the dog would arive. few hours later we got another email saying that the insurance hadnt been paid and that the seller should have told us we had to pay it and that we would get 9o% back in cash when the dog was delived thats when the alarm bells start to

here are the emails so you can know who they are.

the person selling was
morgan green

the shipping company was
britsh pets departmeant
glasgow branch animalsaway@consultant.com00447031822321

well hope this helps


sophia said...

You are all lies because i got my puppy from Nigeria just a few days ago and now you are making people not to purchase their pets where they think they can.You only want them to come to your agency i will fight against that you will see.You are the first criminals

Anthony Denicker said...

This is a comment from a crook that is a little upset that we are stopping their SCAM.....

*FRAUD- sophia said...
You are all lies because i got my puppy from Nigeria just a few days ago and now you are making people not to purchase their pets where they think they can.You only want them to come to your agency i will fight against that you will see.You are the first criminals

October 16, 2008 5:21 AM

Posted to Pet Transport UK Adoption

This is a good sign, it shows the frustration, it shows that people are becoming wise to this criminal act!! We will be posting an interview, done with FOX and UPN news in NY after it shows on November 9th about putting a stop to this SCAM, CEO and owner Anthony Denicker (me) gets Western Union to finally warn people when they try to send money to Cameroon,for pet adoption, that it is a SCAM, someone in other countries should contact Money Gram to ask them to also warn the unsuspecting, so that this crime is completely finished!! Try to contact the media in your country to get them to contact Money gram and end this crime

Anonymous said...

i am wondering if express pets is a legit shipping company in the UK i was not aware of the pet scam going on until just now and i set 300 USD to a man for the shipping fee for a Puppy Everything seemed so true but now i am told that the brittish customs officers are holding the puppy until there is 251 pounds recieved for tax clearence and an anti terrorist certificate? i was not asked for this money by the shipping company they said that they were asking the man shipping it to me. but at this point i feel like i have been scammed... can someone help me please?

kiff said...

well just dont send anymore money thats all i can say. did you pay by moneygram or westionunion/ if so then i would say its a scam.

Anonymous said...

My daughters boyfriend and I almost got scammed. we were looking for a yorkie to surprise my daughter on her birthday. I asked him to look cause you know teen always want to know what mom is doing, which would spoil the surprise. Well he told me he found a yorkie in Cameroon and it would only cost $150 to ship the dog (Mimi also has a brother named Bob). Well I was online looking at work at some adoption site in the US and the cost was $500, so immediately the alarm went off. If its $500 to sip in the US how could it only be $150 to ship from Cameroon. I did a little more research talked to friends and they all said the same thing. Get a dog from reputable breeders.

The email address is

The payee information for the money gram transfer is: Ali Hilton
City: Yaounde
country: Cameroon
Test question: Hi
answer: hello.
They told him to tell the person at the wire transfer place the money is for a friend (highlighted and underlined in blue in the email.

Just a note the reason the amount is never over $350 is because anything over $300 received by money gram you have to submit the person address information to receive the money. also the test question is used so the person does not have to submit their id to pick up the money. I work part time at Wal-Mart in the money center and process money gram everyday.

jenny said...

I was just about scammed too. I was looking in to getting a english bulldog. They started out saying that they were from Cameroon. After reading the posts on this site, I asked the person how the puppy will be shipped. They said Camair. The persons name was Frank and Jennifer Awemo. email

One thing you can do is ask the people you are talking with to take a picture of the puppy with an object of your choosing (coke can or a piece of paper with your name on it.) If they don't or make up an excuse, they are a scammer!!

Anonymous said...

I should be receiving my Marmoset monkey tomorrow, after reading all these SCAM stories I Am worried I made a payment today to Camaroon :( hopefully I will recieve my Bby, I will let you know if I as well was sacamed by these people...I did a payment of $100 and the movers are called( through Money Gram, all I can say is that if it was to be a Scam may God Multiply my Good intentions, I will update tomorrow!!!

Samuel Ajayi said...

Please is this insurance claim true? I ordered for four boxer pups from the UK and I am in Nigeria. The owner told me i have to pay insurance fee of $875 per dog and the money will be refunded. That's after I had already paid for the cost of the dogs and their shipment. Please help verify this claim

Jason Bee said...

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